Reducing our impact

For a future-focused business, success and sustainability go hand in hand.

Better for everyone

We implement a robust sustainability policy designed to reduce our carbon emissions at every level, optimise efficiency in resource consumption and help our customers and colleagues to reduce emissions both at home and at work

Carbon Reduction Plan

Helping customers reduce their carbon footprint and having a more positive impact on the earth’s climate is in our DNA.

Through extending the life of appliances via repairs and warranties, we ensure less waste goes to landfill. 

We aim to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2035, taking our environmental impact seriously and investing in initiatives such as the Woodland Creation Programme helping pave the way to achieve our goal.

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Carbon Reduction Plan includes Solar PV
Engineer repairing appliances

Repair not replace

Our ‘repair not replace’ scheme has carried out over three million repairs to date, saving huge amounts of waste from going to landfill.

In partnership with household names like Electrolux, Sony, Hisense, LG and national retailers like Argos we make it easier for appliances to be repaired rather than replaced and sent to landfill.

We repair everything from washing machines to mobile phones, and have specialist facilities at our Washington site for the distribution of spare parts.

Fridge recycling scheme

Our ambition to send zero product to landfill extends even to appliances that are beyond repair.

In partnership with GAP Waste we’re aiming to stop refrigerators being sent to landfill. Instead they’ll be processed at a plant in Gateshead, which means being stripped for parts, before being crushed and separated into metal and plastic components for recycling.

Pacifica warehouse recycling

Sustainability starts at home

Or in our case, at work. In addition to helping our clients and their customers do things sustainably, we have some in-house practices to help us reduce our impact.

Our warehouse is fitted with solar panels, which keep things running without relying on non-renewable energy.

Cardboard, plastic and polystyrene are all recycled within our supply chain as part of our commitment to reduce what goes to landfill. These materials are baled up and redistributed rather than thrown away.

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    Engineer health and safety
    Health and Safety

    At Pacifica we pride ourselves on being a safe pair of hands. That’s based on our firm commitment to Health, Safety & Compliance.

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    Person in the community

    In our work with Local Authorities all over the UK we discovered an opportunity to do some good and help the most vulnerable in those communities.

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    Pacifica employees
    Gender Pay Gap

    This report has been produced from information taken on the snapshot date of 5th April 2022.

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